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Action Builders is a professional boutique design and build company specializing in additions. Lead by Randy Stehr and Elizabeth Sable, Action Builders has completed more than 500+ projects in Pittsburgh in the last 30+ years. With a philosophy that focuses on quality rather than quantity, they are both committed to delivering the highest quality work. This is achieved through a design and build process that places a heavy emphasis on planning before the first nail is even hammered.

Randy and Elizabeth are highly organized and efficient pros. They work together managing current projects with four crews in the field working on different houses and are accessible to all of our customers at any time during a project. Each individual project has a Lead responsible for overseeing the other labor and subcontractors.

Many of our customers work with us on subsequent home projects, sometimes several more. We do additions every day and our proven process has delivered hundreds of satisfied and repeat customers. All additions are unique but we know the right way to build them in a certain order. Because of this level of experience and organization, our projects will run on time and on budget.



Randy has been in residential construction his entire career. Before founding Action Builders he started out as a large scale framing contractor with more than 100 guys on his crew. He would produce whole townhouse communities and small commercial projects. He is highly creative with structural solutions and regularly works with engineers to redesign projects to remove posts, beams, to keep the ceiling as flush as possible without any disruptions to the space, level floors and any of the dozens of surprises that can arise during a building project. He always keeps his calm and knows there is a solution to every problem. Randy loves the outdoors and spending time with his two daughters and wife.



Elizabeth earned her Bachelor of Science in Interior Design from La Roche College. She previously did hospitality design and supply and was responsible for managing projects from sale to completion. She is a functionally-minded designer with a superior knack for seeing the possibilities in a home. Elizabeth’s sense of how people live and use their everyday rooms and ability to think of unique solutions for tough spaces is a key success factor that makes Action Builders’ projects successful. She is responsible for projects from start to finish and is the main contact for the customer throughout the process. She lives with her two young children and husband and even though she helps others with their houses all day long, she renovates her own homes frequently.

The Crews: The Do-ers.

Our crews consist of one main lead and several additional professionals depending on the size of the project. Some of our people that have been with us for almost 20 years, making communication and imagination a smooth part of every project. These guys and gals help make our dreams a reality. Many customers have watched in amazement, the transformation of spaces they thought would never get better, evolve into their ideal home. The crews are great at brainstorming onsite and figuring out how to make slight oddities that occur in remodeling into something purposeful. With our carpenters and subcontractor network, they make our projects stand out as uniquely Action Builders.

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