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We specialize in additions and whole house remodeling. It is common for us to approach a project from a functional perspective and rework the entire space to fit the homeowners’ lifestyle and budget. Good communication is key to understanding on both sides to ensure the space is completed how it was envisioned.

Design is where it all begins! Building a home addition can be both exciting and intimidating. At Action Builders, we believe that great planning and design eliminates those worries and creates a smooth running project. After all, this is supposed to be fun! We love what we do and we too are excited to hear your ideas. Our team will tackle your home’s challenges and uncover its potential.

While every project is unique, our experienced craftsman knows how to approach renovations with skill and respect for your existing home. From 1929 Dutch Colonials to Mid-Century modern architecture to dilapidated fixer-uppers, or fabulous new homes that need a little more, Action Builders has more than 30 years of experience to bring your ideas to life.

No design or build challenge is too great. We’ve seen it all! We have found that most of our customers have been thinking about a new great room, kitchen, game room or master bedroom for at least a year or longer. Some may have been inspired by a magazine or a friend’s recent addition. Either way, our customers are smart. They know what they want but need help putting it all together, so we start by listening.

Our designer has a keen understanding of construction and approaches your project by integrating beauty with functionality.

Design Process

Additions Process

1. Initial Consultation

During the initial consultation we walk through the home and discuss your initial thoughts on where you think the addition makes the most sense. Some homeowners already know exactly what the space is going to be and where they are going to put it. Others know they need more space but don’t know what makes the most sense for their home. It really just depends on the home and what the owner’s need s are for the new space.

2. Ballpark Pricing

After the initial consult is completed, action builders will put together some ballpark pricing. This is meant to provide the homeowner with the general costs of where we think the project costs will fall based on the initial conversation. Since most homeowners have never done an addition project before, this pricing helps them make an informed decision if an addition project will make sense for their home.

3. Review Costs & Financing Options

Addition projects are paid for with either the homeowners cash or financed. After the receipt of the ballpark pricing the homeowner can then either evaluate their personal finances or start talking with banks about financing options.

4. Design Agreement

Once the finances have been verified the next step with action builders is the design agreement. This agreement allows us to put the time needed into the project to research the existing conditions at the home and to draw the initial floor plans. Typically, one or two revisions are done to the plans which result in the final floor plans for the project.

5. Scope of Work & Project Costs

Upon completion of the final floor plans a scope of work is completed by action builders with the actual costs involved to do the work. The scope of work (SOW) is essentially the contract for the project to be approved by the homeowner.

6. Signed Contract, Deposit, & Schedule

The scope of work is approved and the contract is signed with a deposit given to action builders which holds the spot on the schedule. Typically, Action Builders is scheduled 3-4 months in advance and the new project is added with an estimated start date. We finish our current work before starting any new projects so the start date is always an estimate.

7. Permit Drawings

Upon contract signing the permit drawings are completed and any engineering is stamped. The permit is then applied for and pending the area is typically received within just a few days.

8. Material & Finish Selections

Between the contract signing and construction start the goal is to select as many if not all of the finish selections for the project. Exact kitchen layout is completed and all tile, flooring, cabinets, and bath selections are made. Projects that have the selections made before the start always run smoother instead of rushing during the projects to keep up with the construction.

9. Construction Start

Once our current projects have started and all permits have been received. Construction will begin!

Build Process


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